Unusual But Great Uses For Spray Foam

Most people know that spray foam is an excellent insulator for the home. It keeps heat and cool air inside where it should be, resulting in a more energy-efficient home that keeps heating and cooling costs low. However, there are many more spray foam uses than simply creating a more comfortable home environment.  If you want to save money and keep the home in good condition, learn more about the many uses of spray foam below.

Take Care of the Basics

Your home needs attention when walls develop gaps and when window and door seals loosen. One of the best products to use for these needs is spray foam. It’s fairly simple to use spray foam to update and repair those cracks and crevices that allow pets in and direct heat and air out.

Noise Stopper

If the plumbing in your home is causing unsettling noises, that’s nothing a little spray foam won’t take care of. Use a small amount of spray foam between the pipes and the frames to keep it in place and stop the noise. A few bucks and a simple solution. How nice is that?

Tub Duty

Spray foam is a great product to use around the tub if it flexes under foot. Many stand alone tubs make it easy to access the panels to reach this space to use spray foam. It’s much cheaper than calling out a professional to make a repair!

The Bottom Line

delaware spray foam

There are many great uses for delaware spray foam around the home. The ideas above are a few of the many. If you want to keep your home at its best without spending a fortune in the process, perhaps a little spray foam remediation is all that is needed.